DISCIPLINA: Inglês Jurídico
Kevin Anthony Rose

Sítio da Disciplina: http://sca.lisboa.ucp.pt/e-sca/moodle.aspx?CdDis=14C122620173

The course will cover the following topics:
1: The language of contracts and legal declarations
The course will look at common terminology used within contracts and legal declarations in the English language. Students will be exposed to a range of document types and will be trained to recognise, interpret and reproduce standard formats.

Types of documents for analysis include:

? Employment Contracts
? Sale and Purchase Agreements
? Property Contracts
? Cohabitation Agreements
? Wills, etc.
2: Specific elements of the English Legal System
Students will examine some particular elements of the English legal system, especially those which may differ from Roman Law systems. Themes covered will include the role of juries, the system of precedent, the legal profession, etc.
3: The language of Statutes and Case Law
Students will come into contact with statutes and case law from the Anglo-American legal traditions and develop an understanding of the legal language used within them.
4: Practical English Skills
The final part of this course will be devoted to improving students? practical skills in the English language, with a particular focus on their future employment needs.

Areas to be covered include:

? Preparing a Curriculum Vitae in English
? Writing formal letters within a legal context
? Presenting arguments in English, etc.

Métodos de Avaliação:
The method of assessment for this course will be Continuous Assessment.
Decisions regarding assessment will be based on:

? Adequate preparation for lessons, including homework
? Performance in class, both written and oral
? Level of assimilation of new material taught
? Participation and attendance

Students will be expected to acquire support texts prepared by the teaching staff, and should also be in possession of a good monolingual English dictionary.
Additional resources may also be suggested depending on the students? individual needs.