DISCIPLINA: Introduction to Competition Law / Antitrust Law
Rosa Greaves

Sítio da Disciplina: http://sca.lisboa.ucp.pt/e-sca/moodle.aspx?CdDis=14C421920173

COURSE INFORMATION____________________________________________________
Faculty: Prof. Rosa Greaves
Academic Year: 2017/2018 | 1st Semester | Elective Course
Teaching Hours: 10 | 3 ECTS
Teaching Method: Theoretical-Practical Classes

LEARNING OBJECTIVES___________________________________________________
By the end of the course the students will be able to demonstrate:
? A knowledge of the key concepts, principles, functions and rules of European Union competition law
? Comprehension of the reasons for developing European Union competition law
? An ability to explain and analyse problems relating to both substantive and procedural aspects of European Union competition law
? An ability to produce informed and independent criticism of the judgments of the European Courts and the European Commission in the area of competition law.

PROGRAM CONTENTS____________________________________________________
This course will examine the European Union rules on competition, a comprehensive and long-established yet dynamic and ever developing area of law. By way of introduction to the course the theories of competition law and the objectives of EU competition law will be examined. The substantive topics considered will include Articles 101 and 102 Treaty for the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and merger control. On the procedural side, Regulation 1/2003 on the enforcement of the EU competition rules by the European Commission, the national competition authorities and the national courts will be studied, as well as the relationship between EU and national competition laws.
The objective of the program described is:
? To introduce students to the approach to competition law and policy taken at the European Union level;
? To enable students to critically analyse and discuss contemporary issues of competition law and policy
? To provide students with the opportunity to produce sustained and effective arguments relating to the development and application of competition law and policy.

STATEMENT OF CONSISTENCY BETWEEN THE PROGRAM CONTENTS AND THE COURSE OBJECTIVES___________________________________________________________
The course covers the development of EU Competition Law within the political and economic context does enabling the students to meet the first objective namely to understand competition law and policy at EU level. In covering how cartels and monopolies are investigated and how EU competition laws are enforced the second objective is met namely enable the students to be familiar with contemporary issues of competition law and policy. Throughout the course the students are told not only about policy positions of the EU enforcement agency but also the arguments put forward by the undertakings in defence of their market behaviour. This enables the students to develop their own arguments and defend their positions with coherent argument.

TEACHING METHOD AND ASSESSMENT _______________________________________
Teaching will be a mixture of lectures, seminar discussion and problem solving. Students will be assessed through an essay and a problem solving exercise.

STATEMENT OF CONSISTENCY BETWEEN THE TEACHING METHODS AND THE COURSE OBJECTIVES ___________________________________________________________
Although, due to time restraints, the teaching has a strong element of ?lecturing?, the students are encouraged to ask questions and engage in discussion, particularly in analyzing the case law.

LESSONS? PLAN:________________________________________________________
The course handout states clearly what each Seminar (class) covers (seminar overview), essential reading, headings of areas covered; points to consider (to assist with focus when reading the textbook)

The primary sources are Articles 101 and 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU together with secondary legislation, namely the Enforcement Regulation (Reg 1/2003); Block Exemption Regulations and the Merger Regulation

SELECTED BIBLIOGRAPHY _________________________________________________
Alison Jones and Brenda Sufrin, EC Competition Law: text, Cases and Materials 6th edition (Oxford University press; 2016 ? Amazon paperback edition at £42.00) (Excellent student book)